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Some Fun Facts About Fudge

We are about to celebrate National Fudge Day, so we should learn some fun facts about this romantic dessert. While vacations are mostly suspended because of corona, nothing stands in our way of dreaming about shopping for this treat. Sure, we all know that it's easy to make and that it comes in many different flavors, but there are a few facts that you might not be so familiar with. Let's take a look at 10 of them:

Multi-Colored Fudge

Fudge used to mean something else

At first people used 'fudge' to describe an action of connecting something. Then 'Oh fudge!' was used to mean that something didn't work or got messed up. It is thought of that the first time it described a dessert is when someone messed up or 'fudged up' a batch of caramel candies. The expression was very fitting and it stuck.

Big batches of fudge

While fudge started getting made in small batches by local confectioners, it didn't get mass produced until the beginning of 1900's. The first mentions of it in Skuse's Complete Confectioner list recipes for rainbow, Mexican, and 3 flavors of chocolate fudge.

Homemade Chocolate Fudge

Fudge might not be American

One guess says that fudge came from Scotland and is a modification of tablet – a semi-hard dessert, which is a bit less rich, harder, and grainier than traditional fudge.

Fudge was very hard to make

Fudge was described as one of the hardest to make desserts back in the day. Confectioners used to boil sugar and hope for the best before food temperature measurement, corn syrup, condensed milk, and marshmallow cream started being used for fudge. It was definitely more natural before though, but texture was left up to chance.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Fudge size world record

The record for the biggest slab of fudge belongs to a fudge factory in Ontario, Canada. The factory created almost 6000 pound slab 10 years ago. It took a week to make and likely required over 700 pounds of butter, over 2500 pounds of chocolate, and more than 300 gallons of condensed milk. The exact list of ingredients is not reported.

Fudge is related to fondant

We are not talking about the tough and tasteless fondant that gets used for cake decorations, but about the kind that is found in some candies, like peppermint patties and cherry cordials. Fudge is much drier than candy fondant, but despite that they are still related.

Fudge With Nuts

Fudge was loved by presidents

We are talking about Ike Eisenhower, whose wife Mamie, liked fudge so much that she came up with her own recipe, and called it a Million Dollar Fudge. Her husband was very fond of it. Besides other ingredients, it had chopped nuts and marshmallow creme.

Fudge capital of the world

It's not in Scotland and not in New Orleans – a little Mackinac Island in Michigan claims to be the fudge capital. In just over 4 square mile radius you will find over a dozen fudge shops. The island has over 500 residents, so a good part of them work in sweets industry. The first fudge store on the island was Murdick's Candy Kitchen and it is still doing well all the way since 1887. May's Candy is the oldest fudge store overall.

Chocolate Fudge Truffles

Hot fudge originated in Hollywood

The store responsible for hot fudge sundae was called C.C. Brown's. In 1906 they decided that it might be a good idea to drizzle melted fudge over ice cream, and the rest is history. The store has been closed since 1996, but their idea lives on.

Fudge can be stored for a very long time

Next time you go on vacation, go ahead and buy that huge brick of fudge. If you put it in an airtight container and freeze, it will remain flavorful for up to a year. So there is nothing stopping you now!